Jimmy and Charles

     were the gentlest souls,
the ones
     who stride with angels
while bringing
     Heaven through the common touch.

Jimmy offered
     a nation courage in war,
And Charles covered
     a nation's horrors from war.

Jimmy allowed one
     to believe in Harvey the Bunny,
And Charles brought one
     to people, the hearty and funny.

Jimmy's eyes glistened
     with depths of feelings,
And Charles' eyes twinkled
     from breadths of creatings.

Jimmy whispered
     about the lion's roar,
And Charles took time
     to show an eagle soar.

Jimmy helped us
     to never regret the past,
And Charles taught us
     to never drive by so fast.

They inspired through simple pleasures
     and gentle modesty:  worthy treasures.

They both proved how precious
     we each are from when born.
May we always remember their smiles,
     lest we forever be forlorn.

"Twiddly, widdly, toodle-loo...";
Dearest Charles and Jimmy:  we'll miss you.

Vernon R.J. Schmid


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The above is dedicated to Jimmy Stewart and Charles Kuralt.