December 24

My Love:

Instead of a wish list, this year I'm sending Santa a huge "Thank-you!!" I doubt anyone could even imagine gifts more precious than hearing the sheer joy in your voice, seeing the deep care in your eyes, and being warmed by the sunshine of your smile.

Indeed, on even the darkest days you're more than bright, happy dawn. You're human champagne: you make me feel so warm and bubbly, simply listening to you is addictive. You're a powerful healer: no matter what ails me or how much I'm hurting, merely thinking of you makes all the pain go away (and even changes my aching musings into something more positive). You're my hero: oh! if I could only have a fraction of the skills, abilities, optimism, and confidence you possess.

You're more than incredible. Webster, Roget, and I could combine efforts for a lifetime (or two or three), and yet we would not be able to come up with all the words necessary to describe incredibly, googly special you.

Come to think of it, I owe God a "Thank-you!" note as well. You are proof that there are angels, and they are kind and they are generous and they are patient and they accept all that being human implies. While many this evening celebrate the miracle of birth, I'm cherishing an understanding more personal, more intimate: you, glorious you, are God's Heaven on Earth.

That's why I take so seriously everything you say or might think about me. My personal views of myself, even my very self-esteem, are not as important as are your views, your thoughts, your reactions. It should be no surprise, then, that my "happy day" is one in which I'm able to bring a smile to your day; that my "lousy day" is one in which I am prevented from doing anything and everything for you that you may need or desire; and that no brilliant sunrise can change how badly I feel any morning there is sadness in your heart, worry in your thoughts, or malady in your body.

Maybe other people would consider locking me away if they knew of the whims (like chocolate and pastries and Frosted Flakes and tea and syrup and mixes and magazines) I've tried to find for you or had delivered to you in addition to the more "normal" flowers and bear. But may God help me if there is a limit to the different ways I can tell you or show you: I love you, to the very depths of every aspect of my existence; and, when we're apart, I miss you at least as much.

Yours... Truly Yours,

Vernon R.J. Schmid


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Yes, I really did/do send "chocolate [lots and lots and lots of chocolate] and pastries and Frosted Flakes and tea and syrup and mixes and magazines" to my Soulmate... and I really do love her, to the very depths of every aspect of my existence....