December 24

Yo, Team!

Is it really a decade since we were first brought together? I have so many memories, it seems more than a lifetime ago, even if our total actual time together was too-few months. And yet the memories are so fresh and vibrant, I could believe it was actually yesterday that our different skills and talents were assembled and collectively utilized for the first time.

We more than survived: even the near-disasters prepared us for situations we would not have been able to overcome without the prior experience of those near-disasters. We each learned how even an intense, individual fear could be made to disappear when the rest of the team jumps in to help. We didn't just complement each other; together, we were reinforced, even when we are now apart. Indeed, much more than a small amount of what we accomplished and our subsequent efforts, together or individually, can be directly attributed to the strengths we acquired as a team and from our team.

Over the years, in a way, you've been a curse to some of my co-workers (and even to me) from time-to-time. I hold you in such a high regard that others' (let alone my) abilities are rated using yours as guide and rule. The best, sincerest compliment: when a group has that rare sense of family that we achieved so easily, so enduringly, so long ago.

No wonder I think of you often, all the more so during the Christmas season: this is a time of year with the best opportunities to contemplate the evidence, through you, of God's handiwork; to consider what is truly possible from active understanding, cooperation, and teamwork; and to overcome the plate tectonics that otherwise allow friends and acquaintances to drift away. I consider myself very fortunate to have spent time with you, and I regret that our efforts together are not ongoing so that the effects are a little more tangible than fresh, vibrant memories and an enduring sense of family.

Yours... and Missing You,

Vernon R.J. Schmid


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