December 24

My Love:

While spirits are uplifted in the local parish, and folks take pause for thoughts to cherish;

While faithful hearts recite "Peace on Earth", and old friends catch up on news and mirth;

While chefs prepare for the perfect dish, and Santa listens to each youngster wish;

While lovers cuddle in winter's snows, and gifts are topped with pretty bows;

While outdoor displays sparkle and shine, and homes refresh with spruce and pine;

While trees are trimmed in all their glory, and classrooms practise "The First Christmas Story";

While shoppers panic in annual fashion, thoughts of you increase in constant passion.

As leaders express hopes for all that is fair, your well-being is truly all that I care.

As children smile with each dreamt sugar plum, my love for you, Sweetest, still leaves me numb.

If given one wish for which I could pray, with all my heart and soul, I'd say:

There's been no Christmas more bright and cheery Than any one moment spent warm and near Thee.

Yours... Truly Yours,

Vernon R.J. Schmid


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