My Love:

Magical as large flakes of snow, moist and gentle, with no wind to blow;

Sparkling as a frosted field, reflecting colours and brilliancies revealed;

Joyous as a song of Kris Kringle, sung on a sleigh with bells that jingle;

Warming as a cup of hot cider, chasing away the cold and "Brr!";

Sweetening as a candy cane home, worthy of gazing, not just diets to roam;

Thrilling as a child's "One sleep..." Christmas Eve, with anticipation of morning, of gifts to receive;

Hopeful as a letter to Claus, expressing sincere wishes that give parents pause;

Romantic as a fireplace cuddle, when love is expressed through a touch so subtle;

Glorious as a Midnight Mass, celebrating the Gift the Heavens did pass;

Soaring as are voices on High, proclaiming to all "God's Kingdom! 'Tis nigh!";

Wonderful as the thoughts of goodwill, of Peace for all nations we long for still;

Happier than even the best Christmas tree is how your smile brings smiles to me.

Yours... Truly Yours,

Vernon R.J. Schmid


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