Dear Soulmate's Mom:

In this season meant for the joy of young children, many will think of one young Child, One who knew that joy in this world is based on the love we give others. Some will also express thanks for the Child's mother: without the care of a mother -- without the love of a mom -- joy to a child, let alone Joy to the World, could not be achieved.

I feel, then, that this is also the season to think all the more of you, of the thoughts for you (my Soulmate's mom) that occur all through the year.

I wish there was enough time in our lives for you to describe to me all about each precious moment, the moments you cherish because of what your daughter did for you or with you, the moments that still make you smile.

I wish there were enough beats in my heart for me to describe to you all that I must thank you for, for I know that each joy and thrill your daughter always brings to my heart had a large beginning in the joys and thrills you provided her. (Who but an angel could bring forth an angel, let alone my Soulmate?)

I wish there was enough memory in my mind for me to remember all you would want remembered -- from family history through to continued advice, from happy keepsakes through to heartfelt lessons -- and that you know should never be forgot.

I wish there was enough power in my soul for me to cause and ensure Heaven and Earth long provide you care and well-being as a small token of thanks for the care and well-being you provided her (and not just because anything that causes her worry causes me worry).

And I wish there was a complete way for you to know how very much I do love her, through all my heart and mind and soul for all time, for all time.

With Sincere, Deepest Thanks,

Vernon R.J. Schmid


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The date above is when my Soulmate's Mom passed away -- the letter was originally written earlier that November, after I learned how sick she had become.