Dear Santa:

What wishes to offer in light of Buscaglia's passing? What goals to suggest from heart and mind and soul everlasting?

To devote each drop to one just cause; To compose each thought to make one pause;

To welcome each day as dew refreshed; To give best love to Love caressed;

To never be cause of a single tear; To cherish action and trust over apathy and fear;

To start some changes when the world has gone mad; To yield something positive from that which is sad;

To never suppress a child's laugh or giggle, Nor regret the tickle that makes them wiggle;

To spend forever and a long, long while Nurturing life's joy and Soulmate's smile....


Vernon R.J. Schmid


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Created: 1998-12-25. Last Updated: 2005-01-23.

The above is dedicated to Dr. Leo Buscaglia.