My Love:

This season provides formal opportunities to contemplate the possibilities of even the youngest individual, to spread the joy and fortune of those more fortunate, and to herald challenges overcome by modest means. The remaining week of this year has received particular importance, not least in the context of humanity's debate/need to organize the Ages.

Yet the world need not wait for an arbitrary or generally-accepted second to come and go. Life deserves celebration at all times, especially because you cherish life, all the time.

The grand projects offered by governments and corporations do not seem as important as the subtle insights you share. Leaders' statements of goodwill and prosperity appear incomplete; they lack your compassion and devotion. The warmth of countless millions celebrating together is a cool breeze compared to the tenderness of your hug.

The distractions that prevent everyone treasuring "now" would best be vanquished by acquiring your appreciation of the infinities that exist in one instant. The collective expectations of "What might be..." could use the focus of your enthusiasm for what should be. Indeed, the joys sought by all the world are reminders of your smile's true happiness.

The sparkles and fireworks and bulb bursts that will be lighting the world during these days are mere reflections of the brilliance of your eyes. Oh!, if only the world could share in all the jubilation bursting from my love for you from all my heart and soul and mind!! Every heartbeat is for you, as thrilling as when my heart first glimpsed you; every moment with you is as precious as all that The Deities hold sacred; and each thought is of you, and lasts, forever.

Yours... Truly Yours,

Vernon R.J. Schmid


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