Dear Star:

Once again, the masses take pause to gaze up at you. In this moment, you are more than a symbol of guidance. You carry us, you focus us, you direct our gaze toward higher aspirations.

You carry on High our prayers for Peace, the Peace heralded long ago by a voice still heard, by a voice as gentle as my Soulmate's whisper. Awareness borne of conflict cherishes how refreshed each life is in the morning calm. How devastating it is to see steps being taken again into the abyss of chaos and destruction, even with the path to Peace being so close and so tranquil. It is as though the longer the hatred, the more short-term perspective of the future becomes. Can the journey of "Peace toward" ever be completed without Peace from within?

You twinkle above from our thoughts of Joy, of the happiness sung in the giggles of children, of the overwhelming brilliance proven by my Soulmate's smile. A modesty borne of poverty cherishes the intangible jubilation from brightening another's day or giving cause to rejoice. How incomplete it feels when such dreams, such music, are not shared by all. Can the Heaven that is wished for exist without it being created on Earth by our efforts, ourselves, together?

You are a focus of the longing of Faith, of the patience for all things because of a love pure and everlasting. A patience borne of years cherishes how precious each moment with love is. Rather than an expectation of benefit upon landing, a true leap of faith is never-ending, with Patience the angel guiding one ever forward, with Love the angel inspiring two ever higher. How warm it is when such patience and such love grow through the ages, leaping like a heartbeat caressed by my Soulmate's hug! How selfish we become when we forget "Love is when someone else's needs are more important than your own." Can Faith (let alone the reality it longs for) be fulfilled in the stark cold, absent from the warmth of a thrilled heart and mindful considerations?

Given all those prayers, all those thoughts, all those longings, all that is timeless in our hearts and minds and souls... how sad it is to know that, in a few days, you will once again be wrapped in cotton and plastic, then hidden in a dark corner for another year....

Sincerely Yours,

Vernon R.J. Schmid


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