Dear Child:

If you listen very, very carefully this evening, you might hear extra reasons for smiles, for Christmas joy to last every day of the year.

You might hear the happy, quiet breaths from your Mom as she gazes upon you and offers whispered thanks for you, her Precious. You are more than proof that miracles exist: she knows that your giggle is the happy voice of God.

You might hear the tranquil smiles from each person you touch as they think of your honest interest in who they are and what they do. By sharing the caring that comes from your heart, you show that each of us can be an ambassador, aspiring to understanding of all others... and Peace for All requires understanding.

You might hear the humble awe from each person you impress as they gain inspiration from your passion for everything on Earth. By sharing the thrill that comes from your soul, you show that each part of the world can thrive from our enthusiasm... and Goodwill for All requires enthusiasm.

And you might hear the subtle challenges Nature provides: the colourings of each star's rainbow; the brushstrokes of each cloud; the softfall of each snowflake. You show us that we do not need forever for our mind to explore the infinity that Nature offers in each moment... and Forever and Ever deserves each moment.

It has been said that "Happiness comes from within." The brightest smiles -- my Soulmate's brilliant smiles and joy -- bloom from an honest interest in others, an active enthusiasm for the world, and a growing curiosity to learn, to hear, to understand all that the Heavens have to offer on Christmas Day and every day....

Sincerely Yours,

Vernon R.J. Schmid


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