Dear Mary:

As we celebrate the timeless treasure of the life you gave your child, may we all remember how vital you are to everyone. Every child, born even in the humblest circumstances, is God's gift to the world, for each child has the potential to save the Earth. The love and joy you offer to create your child's heart and mind and soul, then, ultimately save us all.

However, your responsibility -- the motherly guidance of your child's potential -- implies more than the care and safekeeping of your child. It also means "Take care of yourself...", and for you to keep on taking care of yourself, even when you think you have no more strength.

One more bite of food, one more spoonful of soup, one more sip of tea, even one more nibble of chocolate, gives one more minute of calm with which to savour all that the world offers.

One more heartbeat gives one more thrill, an elation with which a soaring soul aspires.

One more breath gives one more chance for a laugh, a shared moment of joy with which to hear happiness, the music of angels.

One more thought gives one more dream, a hope for all the world and the exhilarating calm life of Love that is my Soulmate's smile.

There is another, oft-forgot reason for continuing vigilance over your own well-being: Your birth, too, was God's gift to the world, and the sanctity of God's faith in all that you do deserves respectful care, the caring borne of Love and Joy worthy of a very special first morning, lasting every day for countless years....

Please take care...

Vernon R.J. Schmid


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The above is dedicated to my mother, who was born Arleen Dale Farnham (in 1941) and who passed away on July 27, 2004. In the autumn of 2004, I learned (from one of her old books) that she had another middle name: Maria.