My Love:

When the world is especially challenged as it was this year -- when ongoing disputes remain unresolved; when leaders disrespect people and Nature; when Nature humbles everyone -- it leaves one to wonder: What makes God proud?

I like to think that God is proud of the Monarch butterflies that visited my mother's garden this year. They had not been seen for so long, there was concern for their well-being... until their delicate wings graced a gentle summer breeze and brightened some sunflowers. They were reminders that even the most fragile hopes can be carried great distances.

I like to think that God is proud of the blue jays that visited the humble bird bath this year. They seemed to sing with glee at finding cool water, and would slide down an eavestrough to add to their "Whee!!" They were reminders that even the simplest pleasures are worthy of joy and proclaiming to all.

And I like to think that God is proud of persons like Trent Lane and Ruth Vanderford. In his 95th year, Mr. Lane is proving that it is never too late for the heart to achieve new physical limits, for the mind to contemplate the properties of the universe, and for the soul to aspire for even more to accomplish. His daughter, Mrs. Vanderford, is proving the rewards of quiet dedication, the happiness in enthusiasm for others, the Heaven an individual can create on Earth.

In this season for pausing to remember small miracles, each of us is responsible for recognizing how God's original pride is manifested in our life and in our love. That is why I especially believe that God is proud of your smile, my Love, for your smile is a reminder of the Hope of Joy, of simple pleasures and universal contemplations, of the Heaven created by your dedication and enthusiasm for the world. You are an example of God's infinite gift of Love... and I love you (and your smile) all the more....

Yours... Truly Yours...

Vernon R.J. Schmid


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Created: 2005-12-24.