Dear Lady:

It is perhaps no coincidence that this season of Hope and Remembrance occurs during these darkest days of the year. The subtle change from night to earlier dawn reminds us of the Hope of New Light on Earth. And the longer evenings give extra opportunity to light a candle as a small token of remembrance for those who brought light to the world and smiles to those they knew.

It is barely more than five months since your passing, so some of this season is for remembering you and your special life as my Soulmate's pet.

There are some who know that animals are holy, for it was the animals who first saw baby Jesus in that humble, special manger long ago. They forget that it was not the first time your ancestors and their friends had shared with us. Animals are holy because you have been faithful for us for many generations, and have been companions from the first minutes of life through to the last.

There are those who wonder "Where are the Angels?" Had they known you, Lady, they would sooner realize that Angels manifest themselves not least as the pets we take for granted. Who but an angel, an angel existing in Forever, could be the source of such patience and such loyalty? Your enthusiasm, too, must have originated in Heaven, for angels -- waiting for Forever -- must know how precious each moment is, and angels must embrace, caress moments with the thrill that you always gave.

Memories of your playfulness might explain why the snows are especially thorough and deep this year. It is as though they are a dedication to your enjoyment of the world, giving you one more opportunity to romp around, refreshed, outside.

As the world completes its expression of memories of these past months and longings for the New Year, perhaps there is some guidance in thoughts of you and my Soulmate's smile. May the Hope of "Peace for All" be borne from the calm, quiet times spent with faithful friends. May the yearning for "Goodwill to All" be caressed from the Remembrances of "Those We Miss". And may the most cherished gift be the recollection of smiles and giggles from every "Pause to Give Thanks".

Thank-you (very much), Lady, for being a source for her smiles. (Maybe check with the other angels whether it is still okay to nibble off noses....)

Truly Missing You...

Vernon R.J. Schmid


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Created: 2006-12-24.