Dear Mary:

In these days, when some thoughts are tempted toward preserving physical or mental or heart-felt strength, a truly selfless attention to others begins with a quiet consideration of your circumstances.

It may not be possible for mortals to know all that was in your heart and mind and soul during those months: the Truth within you was the privilege of Angels. However, it is not difficult to imagine the resentment you received, the unenlightenment others had, and the hardheartedness shown you near your home. (Even today, charity and comfort and understanding are rarely freely given before being sought.)

All that you knew in your mind, all that you cherished in your heart, and all that you aspired for the World in your soul made trivial the jealousy and ignorance and cruelty that others must have expressed.

In your patience, you found care and listening that others thought no longer existed.

In your calm, you guided others to do work that they could no longer do by themselves.

In your joy, you found smiles that others could no longer find.

In your faith, you found a path to new heights where others saw only deep despair.

As we contemplate this evening and your Gift to all, may each of us recognize that patience shared with another... that calmness shared with another... that joy shared with another... that faith shared with another... is a World shared... and, like my Soulmate's smile, makes Heaven stronger and more complete.


Vernon R.J. Schmid


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