Dear Snowflake:

I always look forward to seeing you, not least on Christmas Eve. For although I should spend at least part of tomorrow considering the holy gift to the world that is this evening, I always find myself envious of you as you and your siblings swirl and sparkle nearby.

I am envious of the fundamental thrill you cause. It has been noted that the very young have a particular honesty, a natural truth and curiosity not yet bound by the maturity of training. There may be no better indication of those who remain young at heart than the reaction to the first snowflakes of the season. Those having joy and happiness at your appearance retain that natural truth (and are more likely thrilled by other wonders of this world and of the universe beyond).

I am envious of your brilliant elegance and the inspirations you cause. You remind that the objective should be to delight someone, not to appease them. The diffidence that yields the equivalent of "minimal viable product" causes no revelation and receives diffidence in turn. Your crystal not only proves that rain is mundane; such intricacy demonstrates that if the bare minimum is all that one will do, one achieves no more than the bare minimum... and maybe deserves no more than the bare minimum.

And I am envious of the possibilities always open to you during your lifetime (an instant though it may be): to cause a glitter in my Love's eyes; to be a whisper in my Love's ears; to become a refreshing moment upon my Love's face.

Though others may grumble about the parties you have from time to time, I see in you (and because of you) dedication to natural joy and truth in the world; an inspiration for all that the world can be; and an aspiration to always be a twinkle in someone's heart, a quiet swirl in someone's mind, and a refreshing, gentle touch upon their soul.

Sincerely Yours,

Vernon R.J. Schmid


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Created: 2013-12-24.