Dear Star:

As the masses once again take pause to gaze up at you, one wonders: Are we making any progress from your perspective?

You are a timeless reminder that the equivalent of "It is what it is..." does not mean "it" has to be, nor that "it" should be, nor that "it" should have ever been. We forget that your light is sometimes the photons with which we are meant to see... and sometimes the waves meant to be listened to to expand our heart, to be thought about to open our mind, to be aware of to help guide our soul.

Your Heavenly view is not about the geographic distance covered in set increments of time toward a particular manger. As Mahatma Gandhi noted, "There is more to life than just increasing its speed." Your appearance that first Holy Night was less about anything that can be tangibly measured, and more about the intangible objectives for bringing Joy to the world.

A paraphrased observation from Ellen DeGeneres might apply equally to Christmas, about how the childhood joyful anticipations become twisted into dreaded expectations. Whether or not any one of us truthfully has "Christmas on the brain...", your glow reminds of a more infinite higher purpose, one that is hinted at when we share a smile... when we offer a hand... when we give a hug... when we write a letter from the heart... when we do any thing to share of ourselves and maybe even touch the heart of another.

Even though your physical representation in our homes will soon (once again) be wrapped in cotton and plastic and stored away in a dark corner, perhaps our collective contemplations may cause your Light to shine even brighter in each heart and mind and soul... and allow a bit more of your Heaven to be seen in our shared smiles and a renewed focus and dedication toward angelic aspirations....

Sincerely Yours,

Vernon R.J. Schmid


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Created: 2017-12-24.

With special thanks to Gary Kozens (for mentioning the quotation from Mahatma Gandhi).

If memory serves, the original observation from Ellen DeGeneres was in the context of birthdays... which makes Ms. DeGeneres' observation all the more relevant, since Christmas IS the birthday of Jesus....