My Love:

Once again, Santa is receiving not a wish list this year but instead a "Thank-you!!" for the joy brought to the world by your happy smile and the sunshine warmth from your brilliant eyes. There is an exhilaration in moments (including the not-so-special moments) when such moments are dedicated to you in thought or action (let alone inspired by an observation, a mention, or a wish from you).

Even with more than four decades of cherishing "Love is when someone else's needs are more important than your own..." and Dr. Buscaglia's "Life really is a wonderful series of Nows..."... even when there is an instant of forever in a sight or a sound or a scent or a taste or a touch to be shared with you for more than mere sensation... I sometimes do need a reminder during the scurryfunge of the ongoing of how vital thoughts turned to you are, not just at this time of year... and not just because "Peace on Earth" begins with calmly contemplating -- no, endowing and bestowing -- good will for others.

Every now and then, the sisters Karma and Serendipity provide a gentle nudge... and one form of their reminder during the year was a poem that gave one pause. The poem (origin unknown) was a favourite of Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays (a mentor to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), recited by Dr. David Satcher, is sometimes known as "God's Minute", and is perhaps best known for being the core of Elijah Cummings' first speech in the United States Congress (where first speeches are limited to one minute):

"I only have a minute...
Sixty seconds in it.
Forced upon me, I did not choose it, but
I know that I must use it,
give account if I abuse it,
suffer if I lose it.
Only a tiny little minute, but
Eternity is in it...."

The nudge reminded of how precious each minute -- each instant within that minute -- for you is... how exceptional each is... how magnified each is, not least when bourne from mutual, deeply personal respect and admiration. Such a reminder is less about mortality reality or a theoretical understanding of the "space-time continuum" -- it is about the forever in a caring pause, in a communal action, in a sharing hug. Even in this season of what the Angels proclaimed from On High, we sometimes forgetneglect our harmony with Omnipotence -- it helps one's focus of heart and mind and soul to be reminded of the intangible steps toward Paradise on Earth... steps that go nowhere if made selfishly alone or if not made at all.

As the moments become smiles become decades, there continues to be Eternity in the different ways I can tell you or show you or share with you: I love you, to the very depths of every aspect of my existence; and, when we're apart, I miss you at least as much.

Yours... Truly Yours,

Vernon R.J. Schmid


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