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Below is a whole bunch of information for tourists and others who have an interest in Edmonton, Alberta, and/or Canada.

Please note that the information: is subject to change without notice; is not meant to be comprehensive; and is presented in no particular order.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

For information on Edmonton (including a copy of "The Greater Edmonton Visitor Guide"), contact Edmonton Tourism at 1-800-463-4667 (or phone (780) 496-8400).

Relevant WWW sites include the following:

Other information can be acquired by using the "Telus Directory", or by checking the "Yellow Pages".


Relevant WWW sites include the following: Another suggestion, for Canadian Automobile Association or American Motor Association members, would be to contact one of the branches of the Alberta Motor Association. Edmonton: (780) 474-8700. Calgary: (403) 240-5350. Fort McMurray: (780) 743-2442. Grande Prairie: (780) 538-1152. Lethbridge: (403) 328-7921. Medicine Hat: (403) 527-8061. Red Deer: (403) 342-6633. Camrose: (403) 672-3391.

Travel Alberta

Tourist information is available from Travel Alberta (formerly "Alberta Tourism") at 1-800-ALBERTA (1-800-252-3782) (Canada/USA), or phone (780) 427-4321, or fax (780) 427-0867. Address:

P.O. Box 2500
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2Z4
The "Alberta Accommodation Guide" includes listings for hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast; fishing, wilderness, and country lodges; ranches, hostels; helicopter, jet boat, bicycle, float fishing, hiking, motor tour, mountain climbing, trail riding, whitewater rafting, skiing, and golfing. The "Alberta Campground Guide" includes listings for provincial, forestry, national park, private, and municipal campgrounds; day-use areas; recreation vehicle sewage disposal stations; and sites and museums.

Alberta Government Offices Outside of Alberta

If you do not live in Alberta, tourist (and other) information is available from Alberta Economic Development offices/representatives. International offices are in Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan), Europe (England and Germany), and Mexico.

Another approach would be to contact your consulate in Alberta.

National Parks

Relevant WWW sites include the following:

British Columbia

Relevant WWW sites include the following:


Relevant WWW sites include the following:


Relevant WWW sites include the following:


Weather information is available from Environment Canada. Weather information is also available via telephone from (780) 468-4940.


Relevant WWW sites include the following:

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